Armed with an active imagination and a notion for DRAMA, Angel Mechelle was finally able to share her love for storytelling with the world when she was accepted as a contributing author in the Anthology "Hood2Hood, presented by Best Selling Author, Shannon Holmes (Author of B-More Careful). Impressed with her talent Mr. Holmes offered to publish Angel's debut novel, Another Woman's Husband, which quickly became a favorite among readers. The opportunity has opened many doors in the literary industry for Angel. She completed two short stories featured in the Anthologies "Flirt" and "Divas, Diamonds, and Dollars".
Angel's love of writing comes from a deep passion for storytelling. She enjoys giving readers a story they can relate to and present a situation that allows them to become invested in the story and connect with the characters. Angel's stories are often inspired by true events, which readers often relate to. This premise inspired Angel to create Chick Life Publications, where stories and characters are created to entertain and inspire readers. Angel introduces memorable characters whom readers laugh at, cry with, love and hate them all at the same time. Sharing her vivid imagination and her "crazy" life experiences with readers are what drives Angel to continue to write stories which resonate with her readers due to their true to life perspective. Angel released the sequel to Another Woman's Husband and is currently working on her next project, titled Her Cougar Chronicles. 

Author Angel Mechelle

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