Author Forever Redd

is a South Carolina native who enjoys reading a good book, just as much as writing one. Her first novel, Sleepin’ In Heaven Wakin’ In Hell, debuted in December of 2013. With hopes of bringing her readers the best story possible, Forever Redd rewrote her baby, and re-re-released it to the world in, 2014. Following in it’s footsteps, Sleep No More and Blessed By the Fire. The series was contemporary fiction, but the connection of the main characters forced her to try her hand in the Erotica Genre, and she wrote her first erotic novella, Freakizm. Shortly thereafter, she collaborated with, Author Hood Chronicles, on an erotic novel and together they released, Sadistic Saturdays. Forever Redd didn’t stop there; she penned a three part, urban fiction series titled, Nightmares In Pink. Completing her catalogue, The Devil’s Mouth, two part series, for the erotica readers and Uber Everywhere, two part series, for those that prefer urban fiction.

Forever Redd is an eclectic individual that’s on a mission to deliver an experience through her words. The genres may vary, but the quality never waivers. Her goal in the literary industry is to have all of her books, Forever Redd.

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