Chapter 1: Baby Makes Three



     “Kamar stop! You’re going to get me pregnant if you keep this up.”

     I pounded deep inside of her pussy. I wanted her to feel every inch of me. I wanted to write my name on the walls of her pussy. Her tunnel queefed as air exited in and out of it with every stroke of my seven-inch dick. It wasn’t the biggest in the world, but it was thick and definitely satisfied her. I could tell by how her moans bounced against the walls and her face buried itself within my chest to contain her bouts with ecstasy.

   “That’s the whole idea. I want us to be a family. I want a gang of kids. You know how much I love you. Take this dick.” I said as I slow fucked her deeply. I pressed my hand against her stomach, and she grabbed my wrist. I was making sure my babies were in there and to stay. Climax took over the both of us. Sweat poured off my chest landing on her forehead. She didn’t remove it. Remaining exactly where she was, her hand landed on my tattooed chest and she pushed her body back from mine. She was about to squirt. I loved when she did that shit.

   “Oooh baby I’m bout to cum. Please hold me. Oh my God!” Skyler held me close, and I felt her shiver beneath me. Tiny convulsions that resembled earthquake aftershocks happened beneath me. My dick throbbed rapidly within her tunnel releasing my cream inside of her. I held her waist and deposited more of my babies inside of her. Rumor was that if a woman cums during an orgasm she’s bound to get pregnant. I wanted that.

   “Oh, shit baby. Yeah, that feels so good.” I said as I removed my now sleeping dick from her pussy. Her juices leaked out onto the bed and made the wet spot bigger. I chuckled when I felt it because I know that it was my dick that did that to her.  I eased myself up out of the bed and sat on the side looking at my iPhone. I had four missed calls and about a dozen text messages.

   “I love how you love me. I just wish you could give me more than just occasional love. I want our love to be constant.” Skyler grabbed the bed sheet to press up against her skin and sat up in bed. Her nipples poked through the fabric, and I felt my dick jump. It took nothing for me to get turned on. I loved sex. I loved sex with Skyler. I loved sex with my wife and my many, many hoes.

   “I love how I love you too. I give you whatever you need when you need it.”

   “You don’t give me time. I need your time.” She began to whine. I sighed, and she leaned over me touching my fraternity brand on my right bicep. I hated that I had it. My keloid skin outlined the huge K, and it was worse than a tattoo. It couldn’t be removed. I pulled away in annoyance, and I picked up my jeans off the floor. I placed one foot inside of the other and looked at Skyler.

   “I give you the time I feel you deserve. You are acting like we are a couple. You are married. I’m married! I can’t give you something that someone else is already providing. What kind of dumb nigga you think I am?”

   Skyler threw her legs across the bed and tossed a plain, white tee shirt over her head. Her wedding band and engagement ring, once on the table near the alarm clock are now pristine and perfect on her left hand. Her blonde hair disheveled, and her light brown skin bruised from where I left passion marks. If I were to call her a natural beauty, I definitely wouldn’t be lying.

   “I’m sorry Kamar. I just want more of that big black dick. I know you and I are both committed to others but how can you love me and want me to be the mother of your child if you won’t leave your wife. You think I can stay married to my husband knowing that I would be carrying your child?”

   I looked at her, and she ran her hand through her hair. A stray hairpin fell to the floor. She looked at it and shook her head.

   “I will leave her when it’s time. I love her, but I’m in love with you. You are the one I want to spend forever with. You can’t rush things though. Everything will happen when it’s time. Trust me.”

   “Trust you? You’re fucking me while married to her. You want ME to have your baby knowing I’m married. You don’t think I know about the others? I don’t speak on it but trust me. I know you have other options. You don’t go a day without new pussy in your roster. But you want me to trust you? Ok. I refuse to just be a baby momma and while I’m convinced that you aren’t leaving your wife I will do what I need to do to secure a baby IF it comes to that. Even though you are the side nigga, me being the side chick? That shit is not in my makeup.”

   I walk over to her and kiss her forehead. I grab my keys off the side table along with my watch and place my phone in my pocket. It begins to vibrate, and I already know who it is without looking.

   “I’ll call you later. Get that shit checked out soon. I know we created a son tonight.” I opened the door, exited it and walked down the driveway. As I opened the door to my car and got inside I felt my phone vibrate. I took it out of my pocket and saw her name.

   “What Nyla?” I sighed into the phone. I had enough of the constant calls.

   “Kamar. It’s the baby. I think it’s time. Please come!” She practically screamed into the phone. I ran my hand over the back of my neck and beads of sweat landed on my palm.

   “I’ll be there in ten minutes!” I hung up the phone and turned on the engine. I was about to be a daddy. It was the first, but I’m sure it wasn’t going to be the last.