Author Sh’ Moore

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This Dallas, TX native has always studied people. As a youth, she always took in the nature of relationships and the outcomes of situations. In her work, you witness her own relationships weaving their essences into her literature as she uses emotions that are raw and real to add authenticity to her characters. With a passion and appreciation for intertwining what is imagined with reality, Sh’Moore blurs all lines that would differentiate the two. Capturing readers by creating fictitious worlds that mirror our lives and leaves us questioning how much of it was truly fiction. Whether in a novel like Lover's Redemption or through urban short stories like Ciera's Reign, Sh' Moore builds believable "people" that leave readers completely connected.


Literary works include:

A Lover's Redemption

Fire & Desire Urban Romance Anthology

Ciera's Reign: A Sister’s Love & Ciera’s Reign: A Boss’s Work (Ebook Short Series- Part 1&2)

Freestyle A Tale of Two Bros (YA literature)

A Journey: Discovering Me, My Self-Worth, and I Love It! (YA Workbook, Self-efficacy program)


Internet Radio Show Host/ Producer

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