8K to 12K word count per short story/novella

Romantic stories about “Sticky” situations. Your couple must find themselves in a jam and have to do some seriously sexy things while they work their way out of it. The “jam” can be any kind of problem, marital, financial, world-changing… basically any problem that they must solve together. (SSBT is not looking for straight porn… your submission must have a plot and character development.)




Heather Butler

Literary Agent

Heather started out as an avid reader who followed several of her favorite authors' career throughout the years. She became a beta reader as her passion for reading grew alongside her relationship with said authors. She dove deep into the lit game, so one of the authors asked her to be their agent, and the rest is history. She works hard to build her brand while working fulltime, continuing her studies, and raising her three children. She is now the official agent for the Sticky Situation Brand while continuing to expand her business. If you are interested in writing for Sticky Situations shoot her an email... She has the keys to the Queendom. 

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